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Our mission is to get your carpets clean

Carpeting in the home is a great way to add warmth to a room and everyone enjoys walking bare foot over a clean plush carpet pile. After time carpets lose their original feel and start to look worn, dull and stained. The most cost effective way of bring your carpets back to life is by hiring professionals to come to your home or work place and expertly clean your carpets. To find out more contact our experts.

Here at Carpet cleaning in Enfield we feel strongly about delivering amazing results combined with an excellent customer service. We understand that you want your carpets to look bright, clean and to smell fresh. It is important for you to have a home which is a pleasure to spend your precious free time in, and a work place which creates a positive work environment.

Our high quality services help to make sure that the carpets are kept in great condition to last you for many years.  We have a range of different techniques to suit all homes and businesses. Our dry cleaning service allows you to walk on your carpets after just thirty minutes; this is designed for people who simply do not have the time to wait for carpets to dry.

We care about the environment just like you. If you would like a professional clean without harsh chemicals being introduced into the air that you breathe then we have the equipment to do this for you. We have a range of commercial strength cleaning products which have organic compounds and are much more environmentally friendly than the older chemical based cleaners.

By having experts attend to your carpets in the home or at work you can be sure that allergy sufferers will be relieved once the treatment has been performed. Dust mites and pet dander can cause many negative reactions in adults and children with asthma and other allergies. We can come in and eradicate the parasites and dust which live in fibres to make sure your carpet is not a trigger for breathing difficulties.

We have the experience to attend to all of your carpet cleaning requirements but we don’t just stop there. Our additional services expand to upholstery cleaning. We appreciate that your hard money has gone into decorating your home and your belongings need taking care of.  Our prices are kept low so you are able to call us whenever you need a stain or spillage on your leather or fabric attended to. We will come and clean in a safe, effective and friendly manner.

Carpet cleaners in Enfield welcome all customers and no job is too large or too small. If you are interested in our expert carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning services then please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss our methods, and come up with the perfect solution for your own personal needs. We specialize in home, commercial and office carpet cleaning so contact us for a free quotation today.